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Drugs Under The Microscope

(via lelereyes)


She built walls inside her head,
to see if anybody was
clever enough to climb them.
Money clips and golden lighters
between the pixels of all the printed faces.
“The world is full of kings and queens
Who blind your eyes
And steal your dreams”
And if they won’t give us our freedom,
We’ll have to take it.
She thought about fear
and the price of imagination.

And her heartbeat rocked the mattress.


Sometimes I think that I could have a boyfriend someday.

Then I remember that I’m socially awkward, have weird eating habits, no sense of style, and ramble a lot.

Yeah, I’ll probably die alone surrounded by books and fandom merch.


fact: quiet people are aware they’re quiet

fact: depressed people are aware they’re depressed

fact: social anxiety sufferers are aware of themselves

fact: reminding them only makes them feel worse